Belle Meade Cockfight
27. September 2023 By Walter Price 0

OLD CROW MEDICINE SHOW ft. Sierra Ferrell Belle Meade Cockfight

Old Crow Medicine Show Belle Meade Cockfight is available on Jubilee, ATO Records, Apple Music

Belle Meade Cockfight

by Walter Price

25 years and counting seminal string band Old Crow Medicine Show hasn’t, to the naked eye, slowed down nor have they wavered in their dedication to roots music and good vibes. Hince their latest, and arguably my favorite, release to date, ‘Jubilee’. 12 tracks of gospel leanings, jigs, foot stompers, and plenty of smile-inducing good times within. But you, evergreen fans, know this.

Since we all agree that this follow-up to the collective’s 2022 ‘Paint This Town’ is a wall-to-wall hoot, let’s talk about the music video for the “Jubilee”. Firstly, the single (feat. Sierra Ferrell) is as lively as they come all on its very own. But the Morgan Jahnig-directed film is what got many tongues a-waggin’.

With Jurassic beasts in a cockpit, the band themselves as an oddly far too familiar cast of characters, and the incomparable Sierra Ferrell’s fiery red dress and hootenanny twirls have heads on a swivel, this music video is a wild use of imagery. But, again, you probably already know this. But if ya don’t, I got all the good news you need! You can witness all the glory the video has to offer as well as stream the Hee Haw-ready single, here at your friendly neighborhood GTC!

So much winning…

OLD CROW MEDICINE SHOW Belle Meade Cockfight

ft. Sierra Ferrell

Article cover photo via YouTibe // Quote via various sources

Ketch Secor
Morgan Jahnig
Mike Harris
Mason Via
Dante’ Pope
PJ George
and Sierra Ferrell

FILM: Director: Morgan Jahnig
Camera Operator: Hunter Duncan
Editing: Sean O’Halloran

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My hometown is the self-proclaimed poultry capital of the world, smack in the middle of the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia. I love chickens, have raised ’em from under the lightbulb to the brooder box, and I see their grace and beauty. Poultry makes fantastic fodder for song, always has. I can’t admit to having regularly attended cockfights, only that chickens are in my blood. But songwriting lets you travel the seven seas without leaving your porch swing, or in this case the cockfight ring, so I composed this ditty after extensive research and hope I’ve done right by the scholars of the sport.” – Ketch Secor

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