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…getting weird, VIDEO/SINGLE: ROSK – Art Collective

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by Walter Price

Someplace between The Eurythmics, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, and Mon Laferte you’ll find the twisty new indie-pop anthem, “Art Collective”, by Mexico City’s Rosk [Rosan Sashida & friends]. Co-produced by Pachi Garcia Alis, this is a song that speaks about an unusual subject, the song’s namesake, the odd world of art collectives. More precisely the ones the songwriter experienced in the fabled Brooklyn neighborhood of Bushwick. This is an interesting connection, since I lived for years at Jefferson and Knickerbocker, I’d never heard of any of these groups in that particular area but I’m still familiar with the trappings all the same.

Some of these deep thinker outfits can be as thought nurturing as they can be mind deteriorating hassles. Too many freethinkers in one room can be cult-like and gnawing. As the song begins, “Gather your freaks and mine/Call for the coven/Yes, things are getting weird/It’s how we’ll start it/Let’s start an Art Collective”.

And to add more intrigue to this already unique pop song, the music video is brilliantly bizarre. The film starts off innocent enough, a cup of coffee, a book by a window, the molding of a model brain/heart, and then the distortion changes the vibe as a dancer twitches. And then, the weird unfolds at a rapid pace. You’ll have to watch it to catch all the dark mind-bending strange. Kudos to all who brought this film to life.

And you can stream this dramatic track and witness its twisty cult film, now at GTC.


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Canción: Art Collective
Artista: Rosk
Album: Art Collective
Music by: Rosan Sashida
Lyrics by: Rosan Sashida
Lyrics Collab: Carolina Dagach
Arrangement by: Rosan Sashida and Pachi Garcia Alis
Produced by: Rosan Sashida and Pachi Garcia Alis
Special Thanks to: Luciérnaga Magenta


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Rosk is a mixture of ethereal sounds with the punch of a rock band with some drops of sweet synthpop and some bizarre toppings. The journey began in 2014 in New York and since then ROSK has toured Mexico, Panama, Spain, and more!” – bio

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