Rose-Erin Stokes I Can't Stay
18. May 2022 By Walter Price 0

…don’t let me go, ROSE-ERIN STOKES The Same Way

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Rose-Erin Stokes

by Walter Price

Let’s not go back too far, but if we take a moment to remember the lineage of quirky, poetic, and picturesque pop music, names like Kate Bush, Alison Moyet, and Björk moving forward to Florence Welch, Sigrid, and Aldous Harding must be mentioned.

This is now and Ontario-based indie songstress Rose-Erin Stokes has dropped a beautifully poetic ode to…a fishing derby? Well, the song’s music video certainly guides us to this conclusion. But the lyrics are open to whatever enduring and romantic notion one could conjure…

And all
Singing the same song

So don’t let me go
Don’t let me go too soon
For all that we know
There’s no one else in this room
And I want to wake up baby
Beside you is where I’m lately
Oh are we too close maybe to say
If we’re moving in the same way

Two steps forward and one step back
When fools rush in it’s a heart attack
Two steps forward and one step back
And all the time oh that I held my hopes so high
I think this time we’ll get it right

“The Same Way” has all the hallmarks of an indelibly ethereal and drippy love song and all the eccentrically shy musings one can handle. Lovely and quirky through and through. So, with Rose-Erin Stokes, the connectivity to the hístory of offbeat pop music remains unbroken and its future feels secure.

“The Same Way” is taken from the forthcoming Jim Bryson-produced LP “When The Sun Goes Away” and you can stream the single as well as see the captivating adventures of the Guillermo del Toro-esque Andrew Sowka-directed short film, here at the GTC.


Artwork, artist photo, quote courtesy of Auteur Research PR

Jim Bryson- producer/ engineer, mixer, programming, synth, slide guitar
Andrew Sowka- co-produced, acoustic guitar
Sage Kim – Mastered
Kinley Dowling- Strings
Vince Aquilina- Percussion
Phil Charbonneau- Bass
Rose-Erin Stokes- vocals, acoustic guitar

Director: Andrew Sowka
Director of Photography: Eric Robillard
Props and set design, editing: Andrew Sowka, Eric Robillard
Costume design: Rose-Erin Stokes
Actors: Andrew Sowka, Rose-Erin Stokes, Eric Robillard, Denis Stokes, Mary Stokes, Denis Stokes Sr, Meg Stokes, Stephen Kozinski.

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Highlighted by an artistic acumen and an amazing ability to evoke emotion, Rose-Erin Stokes’s music is demonstrative of a songwriting craftsperson at work, with music, words, and vocal performances that connect to the hearts and spirits of all who hear them.” – bio

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