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7. August 2013 By Walter Price 0

Review: Hellsingland Underground – Evil Will Prevail

“Evil Will Prevail”
Out Now

By Alle Royale

Anytime I’m walking down the streets of my hometown, people stop me to ask if I know whatever happened to that nice, little rock band from Sweden, called Maryslim. Honestly I had totally lost track of the guys until I found out that half of that band is now part of another nice, little rock band from the new ‘holy land’ of rock ’n’ roll, and it’s called Hellsingland Underground. I also discovered that the aforesaid six piece has just released a new album, ‘Evil Will Prevail’, that masterfully combines tasty guitar solos a la Thin Lizzy, country rock tinged balladry, pop hooks bonanza and an inspired singer/songwriter in the figure of Charlie Granberg, a cat of rare talent.

First single ‘The Lost River Band’ exemplifies all of the above characteristics: what starts as an unpretentious pop rock number full of sunny melodies, tasty guitar riffs and seventies vibes, towards the end it suddenly changes  into a tour de force of duelling guitars that totally elevate the song to another level of inspiration and personality. If second single ‘In The Evening’ has a pure pop, indie nature, it’s in songs like ‘Singing While The World Dies’, ‘They All Grew Old While I Grew Young’ and the title track, that Granberg’s songwriting skills really shine, and lines like “ There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, from a freight train coming our way” or “ Because idiots rule and stupidity reigns, no matter what anyone’s been trying to say, evil will prevail”, are fine examples of the dark humour that permeates these grooves.

In conclusion, ‘Evil Will Prevail’ is a work full of turns and moods that will constantly change your perspective, making for a surprisingly good and entertaining listening experience.

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