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Review: Free Fall – ‘Power & Volume’

By Alle Royale

The Soundtrack Of Our Lives was an exciting band, a winning mixture of sixties’ psychedelia, Oasis’ pop sensibility and Ac/Dc’ instinct for killer riffs. When, not long ago, the band ended its journey for good, guitarist Mattias Barjed, the hard rocking part of that sonic equation, decided he was still not too old to rock ‘n’ roll, and formed Free Fall with another illustrious unemployed musician, Ludwig Dahlberg, former drummer of The International Noise Conspiracy; the band was completed with the hiring of bassist Jim Martens, and vocalist extraordinaire Kim Fransson, an authentic revelation, a man with the pipes of a young Bon Scott and the looks of a teen idol.

Sporting some of the coolest jackets and haircuts you’re going to see this year, Free Fall plays some of the hottest no-nonsense rock ‘n’ roll a band could have the balls to perform and record in these days of ready-made pop void. No concession to psychedelic experimentation, no concession to arty proclaims, no space for flirting with electronics or temptations of any trend; just pure, unadulterated guitar distortion and bleeding vocal cords. I cannot even recall the last time i heard a driving guitar riff opening a video released for commercial purpose in the pop rock market, but, “World Domination”, leading single of the album, incredibly has all the proper guitar histrionics a rock song requires, with a stoner-like wall of sound that will shake your floor like a dinosaur stomp. The songs are simple but full of subtleties at the same time, evolving around a few chords, but always hitting the right spot; thanks both to some superb guitar work, or some fist pumping chorus, screamed by Fransson on the top of his lungs, “Power & Volume” smells like the smoking valves of an amplifier hard driven to the maximum.

If your worn out collection of Ac/Dc and Stones records have been played to the extreme, in the desperate belief that rock ‘n’ roll was dead, hold your head up and open your ears: Free Fall is the band you were expecting for so long, brothers and sisters.

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