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19. May 2015 By Walter Price 0

Review: Buck & Evans – ‘Live At Rockfield’

Buck & Evans bandBuck & Evans’ music is rock flavoured with a whole lot of soul, blues, and R&B…

by Maria Haskins


Live At Rockfield by Welsh-based band Buck & Evans proves that great things can indeed come in small packages. There are only three tracks on this EP, but Live At Rockfield is perfectly crafted: the sound, the melodies, the music by Chris Buck on guitar, Dominic Hill on bass, Bob Richards on drums, and the vocals by Sally Ann Evans (she also plays keys) – every part, every facet, every detail – is exquisitely executed. Buck & Evans’ music is rock flavoured with a whole lot of soul, blues, and R&B; and each one of the three tracks here is a nugget of musical gold.

Live At Rockfield opens with “Impossbile” – a track that starts off soft and loose, and then builds into a rambling, soulfully passionate performance that showcases the emotional and vocal range of Evans’ voice. Forget autotune and all that crap: this lady is the real thing. Second track “Ain’t No Moonlight” is another stunner. Buck’s spellbinding guitar-work infuses the tune with so much pure and powerful feeling that I swear I can feel it plucking at my heartstrings. And the way the vocals and the guitar subtly reinforce and play off each other is the best kind of Buck & Evansmusical voodoo.

Final track “Screaming” has a stirring drum-beat to draw you in, a tasty bass-line to pull you in further, and then the guitar and vocals work their magic from there. The guitar-work here is simply beautiful, and Evans’ vocals are once again pure, undiluted awesome. A short and sweet EP? Rather: short and bloody brilliant.

According to the bio on the band’s website, guitarist Chris Buck and vocalist Sally Ann Evans got together almost by fluke in 2013, but it was obviously a match made in rock’n’roll heaven. They have already played with Slash (that man has great taste when it comes to picking bands), and have been called “a perfect musical partnership with elements of soul, blues and classic rock” by Blues Magazine.

Judging by this EP, the band has earned those accolades and more. This is real, back to the roots rock’n’roll with a taste of heaven on the side.

Live At Rockfield is the followup to Buck & Evans self-titled debut EP (released in 2014), and if you have any interest at all in rock’n’roll delivered with soul and passion, you should definitely check out this band and this EP right now.


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  1. Impossible
  2. Ain’t No Moonlight
  3. Screaming


  • Sally Ann Evans: vocals/keys
  • Chris Buck: guitar/vocals
  • Dominic Hill: bass
  • Bob Richards: drums/vocals

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