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3. March 2015 By Walter Price 0

Review: Liberty Lies – ‘Fracture’

liberty liesby Maria Haskins


Liberty Lies’ 2013 album Reflections was one of my favourite releases that year, and the band’s new EP Fracture (to be released January 12, 2015) proves once again that this crew is a musical force to be reckoned with. The music is alternative hard rock; the sound is rich and clean with an intriguing complexity in both the musical arrangements and the lyrics. Put simply: it’s the kind of stuff that keeps me coming back for more.

With influences from bands like Sevendust, Shinedown, Tool and Alter Bridge in the mix, Liberty Lies has developed a distinct vibe and sound of their own. An important part of that sound is front-man Shaun Richards’ excellent vocals: he has the kind of effortlessly powerful voice that just soars as he lets loose. Around him, the band fires up the big riffs and the dominating drums, creating a richly detailed musical landscape.

First track “Undivided” showcases the emotional intensity and fire that fuels both the music and Richards’ vocals. There’s a gliding, high-flying guitar sound here that makes the track just take off skyward from the first note.

liberty liesNext up is “Circles”, a tune that amps up the emotional power of the music, with drummer Adam Stevens driving the track and giving it a massive heartbeat. Every piece of the music flows together to serve the tune: this is a band that feels as though it’s firmly welded together, making each track all the stronger and better for it.

The heart-racing “Vultures” is tinged with sadness and regret, and as the band allows the tune to slow down for a moment, that restraint adds even more intensity to the performance.

Liberty Lies closes out the EP with the title track “Fracture” – a tune that has a terrific vibe of controlled, hard-rocking turmoil. It’s my favourite track on the EP, and a kick-ass showpiece for Liberty Lies’ sheer, brazen musical confidence. Just listen to those guitars going beautifully haywire, with the bass running strong beneath! The vocals are outstanding, the drums slam it down hard, and there’s some blistering hot guitar work too. When Richards croons “you never believed” – the song becomes heartbreakingly and achingly real.

Fracture is a great release from a young band with a wealth of skill and power.


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  • Shaun Richards – Lead Vocals
  • Josh Pritchett – Guitar & Backing Vocals
  • Adam Stevens – Drums & Backing Vocals
  • Adam Howell – Bass Guitar
  • Liam Billings – Guitar & Backing Vocals


  1. Undivided
  2. Circles
  3. Vultures
  4. Fracture

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