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14. January 2016 By Walter Price 0

Reader’s Choice Coolest Label 2015

Glitterhouse recordsThe votes are in and what a great year for indie labels 2015 was. As the business of how music is made and ultimately marketed and then sold constantly changes, the artist and record labels must adjust repeatedly and the ones who understand that it is truly no business without the art will be the ones who survive the new climate.

2015’s Reader’s Choice Coolest Label winner is Glitterhouse Records. A German label that operates much like a family that famously attracts as much love for their atmosphere as for their roster of amazing talent; talent that can’t be summed up in any cleaver wording. Glitterhouse’s ear for music that travels ranges too far and deep to pigeonhole excites fans worldwide.

When label’s figure out that the almighty earning potential needs to be well balanced with pure understanding of the art they’ll be making a home for is as,  if not more than, important then there is a great chance of success. Potentially not as instant as manufactured genres but steady and everlasting cool.

Congratulations Glitterhouse Records!

And cheers to the other above level labels in this year’s Reader’s Choice vote for Coolest Label 2015. Check out these great labels for their undying need to make things awesome for the artists and fans alike: Breakup Records Napalm Egghunt

And never forget and please support the DIY artists. Starting a small business based on belief in yourself and relying on few to make your dreams come true is astonishingly more difficult than most would think.

Thank you for voting.


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