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Frank Mighty’s Hotline – Rakefire is available at Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp.


by Walter Price

With the lyrical depth of a classic Michael McDonald track and the soulful delicateness of Sam Smith, the recent single “Rakefire” from Ontario outfit Frank Mighty’s Hotline is an introspective examination of going your own way, at times to the dismay of those close to you.

I don’t want another Rakefire
In the house I built
With my own two hands
I don’t want to be a letter
That meant for a hand
By the internet
I don’t want to be a sequel
To the people who
I’ve tried my best to avoid

I’ll stick to my side
In due time I’ll push my luck
But the fear is that I’m lied

If and when I break you’ll see
It won’t be cuz of me
My phone sees me everyday
Relationships outside decay

With the cinematic lyrics aside, the arrangement and production are just as stunning. Hints of psych and soul throughout making this track a bit above your average indie-pop. A small look into the sound’s origin is given in this quote provided to the GTC, “This song was the one that brought the Frank Mighty sounds together. In the studio with Matt and Quin, once we got the acoustic guitar strums laid down on the chorus, our mix of Americana, alternative, and electronic influences just HIT. I remember we were all dancing around in excitement.”

You can stream this slow jam and see its trippy visualizer, now at Global Texan.


Artist photo via Facebook // Quotes provided by Auteur Research

Written by: John Traboulsi, Graydon Welbourn, Matthew Kahane, Quin Kiu
Produced by: John Traboulsi, Matthew Kahane, Quin Kiu
Mixed by: Jacquire King
Mastered by: João Carvalho

Visualizer: Auras Studios – James Shannon, Alica Molito
Cover Art: Bensigns – Benjamin Blackburn


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