14. July 2016 By Walter Price 0

Quiet Type Times Are Strange

Quiet Type If you run away and leave me behind, Your heart’s not in any less danger…”Quiet Type (Fugitive)

by Walter Price


Last May we were delighted to find Portland’s Quiet Type (Lee Barbara / Bobby Seus) and their catchy bubblegum pop single “The Worse”. The home for that single is a full length titled Times Are Strange (out now) and the LP broadens the duo’s take on the heart’s limits in tasty pop sounds.

Sure, the matured versions of ‘bubblegum’ are prevalent on the 10 track collection but that isn’t the full story. The tracks weave and manipulate other genres from SoCal surf-pop, hints of New Wave. and elements reminiscent of Pet Shop Boys and Lovers Electric. What will be more noticeable to  the ears of pure pop aficionados are the hooks and harmonies complimenting the spectacular song writing. Of course all this allows the tracks to be inviting and easy to sing along to as you snap your fingers and dream away.

Times Are Strange is further proof the future of pop is once again secure.


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