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2. May 2020 By Walter Price 0

From town to town we all shelter inside: QUARANTINE MUSIC Pt. 2

Quarantine Music Pt. 2 is provided by artists who care.

by Walter Price

As the worldwide pandemic and subsequent sequestering linger on, along with all the obligatory twiddling thumbs, paranoias, financial struggles, and/or Tiger King conspiracy theories. There’s one thing we all have in common, the need to feel connected. Not just with partners, family, or friends but the normalcy that our favorite music artists have always brought us. And in these trying times, many, music makers are staying connected to their fans by releasing homemade tracks/videos that are a super-mix of thought-provoking and smile-inducing.

Each week, we’ll share some of the crème de la crème. And please keep in mind, that many of these tracks have personal donations or vast reaching charities connected to them. So help the indie artists and the causes that will get us all through this ordeal.

You are not alone…

No 5

Curt Smith of Tears For Fears feat. daughter Diva – Mad World


“One of the songs that I played over and over again growing up was Mad World by Tears For Fears Youtube. Hard to imagine a song that seems more relevant right now. I am so happy to share a new beautiful version by my dear friend Curt Smith of with his daughter Diva recorded for us from their quarantine life in LA.” – Tory Burch

No 4

Everyone Is Dirty / Quarantine Tiny Desk Submission 2020 – Silver & White


“Trapped in our house during quarantine we bring you a live performance of Silver & White. “Silver& White” is a love-fueled fever dream where friendship and the creative spirit fly through deadly illness on a magic carpet. My musical partner Chris and I have taken turns being the patient and the caregiver for each other as we battle through his Hodgkin’s lymphoma and my liver failure. Guided by my violin and his guitar we hold onto one another on this psychedelic, beautiful and frightening ride.” – EID

No 3

The Know – “Sometimes Always” [The Jesus and Mary Chain Cover]


You went away, you went away
You went away but now you’re back
I got down on my knees
And then I begged you please
I always knew you’d take me back

No 2

Aleigh – Temptation [Tom Waits cover]


“So, as promised, here is our rendition of Temptation by the Jackson Pollock of song himself and a personal favourite of mine, Mr Tom Waits. This video was put together somehow by the very talented Sean Kavanagh hope it finds you safe and well wherever you may be.” – Aleigh

No 1

Who Can Sleep – Sprinklers are Running in the Rain [feat. Grandma]


“Dedicated to John Prine and all victims of the Coronavirus” – WCS

John Prine died on a full moon night
I felt the needle cut through my eye
From town to town we all shelter inside
Are you praying like grandma and me
To the Angel from Montgomery
Are you praying like grandma and me cuz the sprinklers are running in the rain…

All music and images are the property of the creator. Please follow the provided links for further credits.

quarantine music 2020

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