3. January 2014 By Walter Price 0

Pop Isn’t Country: Meet Robert Earl Keen

Robert Earl Keen is the true definition of a Texas troubadour. He is commonly referred to as a country artist but he is also a man of diverse musical interests. Folk, rock and bluegrass. Some would call him Americana but let’s not get all ‘categorizing on REK.  He is just a real fine example of what a hard working road performer and songwriter should be.

“The way I see it, there are just 2 ways to go, livin’ fast or dyin’ slow! Which way you gonna go?” – Robert Earl Keen

He is a true Texas music ambassador. REK has toured Europe extensively but if you haven’t caught on to his musical charm and lyrical grit, now is your chance.

The GTC recommends: No Kinda Dancer (’84), Gringo Honeymoon (’94), What I Really Mean (’05) and Ready For Confetti (’11)

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