11. September 2013 By Walter Price 2

Pop Isn’t Country: Meet Bart Crow (Band)

“Dandelion’ Out Now
Bart Crow is one of those artists that once you discover his musical wares and take in his southern charm, you become a lifelong fan. Crow is also another example how Texas music artists can be true superstars in their home state and surrounding areas and, yet, the rest of the world just hasn’t caught on yet.

I gather, from what the internets tell me,  that his latest release Dandelion is supposed to change all that. I personally think that provides too much pressure for a career that has already seen 10 songs make it onto the Texas Music Chart and seemingly endless amounts of sold out concert dates across the southern region of the States each year. That is success! 

I wonder if he really needs the national and worldwide success. It can change a man. I’m kidding, the world should and will know The Bart Crow Band and be all the better for it! 

Dandelion is the 5th release from this former Army soldier and likely his best effort to date. But, then again, everyone has their favorite. Whether it be ‘Finally’ (’07), ‘Desperate Hearts’ (’08) or “Heartworn Tragedy’ (’09) you’d be right by your choice of best Bart Crow album.

The reviews for Dandelion have been as good as you’d expect them to be. But the true test of this, or any, album is what you think when you take it for a spin. 

“Dandelion is one of those great under-the-radar albums that get better with each successive listen and is definitely worthy of playing over and over again, as I have done the past few weeks it’s been on my desk and I suspect you will be doing the same thing should you choose to buy it, as well you should.” Matt Bjorke (www.roughstock.com)

You can catch The Bart Crow Band on tour right now. For cities and dates click HERE!
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