11. September 2013 By Walter Price 0

Review: Mammoth Mammoth – Volume III – Hell’s Likely

By Alle Royale

The underground is in turmoil, the earth is shaking and spitting smokes and fire from its wounds, prehistoric creatures rise again from the ruins of corporate palaces; as we move towards the future, we step back in time. The valleys of stones eternal, they echo the heavy steps of the newborn child of the ancient times: Mammoth Mammoth, a four piece all the way from Brisbane, Australia, delivering their wall of distorted guitars with such monolithic intensity, they had to double their already colossal band name.
Mammoth Mammoth carry the original message of the blues, through the naves of this electric cathedral named “Hell’s Likely”, preaching the word of Lemmy Kilmister and the apostles of stoner rock. 
Where booze and lumberjack’s clothes collide, there, these sparks of no-nonsense rock ‘n’ roll are born. With some bass lines rising from the deeps of a quicksand, and Ben Couzens’ clanging guitar chords, these Australians sound like a hellish mix of a no-frills Danzig and those crazy Norwegian sailors, we all know as Turbonegro.
In a scene that, in the last years, went over saturated with bands with the same characteristics, Mammoth Mammoth are gaining themselves an elephantine credit just on the strength of these seven songs, simple but stuffed with all the right ingredients: no concession to epic complexity, doom landscapes or goth posing, but hatchet cropped riffs and naked women. If you get the cd version of the album, you are going to get also the MM Volume I EP as a bonus, while MM Volume II has just been reprinted on coloured vinyl for your collector’s itches.
Seems like the time is right then, and hit after hit, this Mammoth could tear the rivals down, to rule the earth, in the new ice age coming.
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