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24. January 2015 By Walter Price 0

Peter Doherty and ‘Flags Of The Old Regime’

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“So let’s have it right, We all know the score…”

by Walter Price


Here is the thing about The Libertines and frontman Pete Doherty. I have never been a fan. I place them in the same slot as The Strokes with The Libertines having a slight edge do to the fact they seem to have always come from actual places with their music and you cannot fully discount that.

That being said, Doherty has proven time again his douchey attributes. Which have also cluttered tabloids for years. Waisted space. Making a me not all that interested in digging deeper into what was or maybe still is a British garage band of wild rock n’ roll lore. A history living in the thick shadows of nonsense and casting doubt on the band’s sounds.

This is now and Doherty and band have been on a comeback don’t call it a comeback the past year with little interest from this music fan. Until I heard this new track from the leader of the band. Arrogance free ‘Flags Of The Old Regime’ captivates with it’s haunting glow at the end of the hallway driven by vocals capturing the daunting storyline in deep imperfect righteousness and the string arrangements pulling and pleasantly taunting the emotional ride.’Wow’, is justifiable.

Many added this and thats bring this reworked song home. Produced by the man Stephen Street, an ode to PD’s lost and not forgotten flame Amy Winehouse (the track benefits the Amy Winehouse Foundation no less) and the fact that this song bleeds soulful truths  within it’s structure. I eagerly want and do dig this track.

With Carl Barât and pen-partner working on new material, perhaps there is Rock N’ Roll hope.

I think a reversal in my long lasting aversion to all things Peter Doherty and his ballyhooed The Libertines is at play. Perhaps a good day to dust off some rarely touched albums and enjoy my new found about face. I dig it when this happens…

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