Penny Betts
28. December 2019 By Walter Price 0

Psychasouldelic VIDEO/SINGLE: PENNY BETTS – “Electric Ballroom Dress” [Clint Frift, director]

Penny Betts – Penny Betts EP is available @ Spotify.

Penny Betts

by Walter Price

There’s a lot of passionate nostalgia for the rock of the 1960s wafting throughout the four tracks on up-and-coming band Penny Betts’ self-titled EP. Listening, you’ll find nods to hallowed albums like Rubber Soul, Pet Sounds, and The Dark Side of the Moon. That’s not to say there aren’t sounds and textures from more ‘current’ eras. The fellas from Surrey also have a flair for mixing-in thoughts of post-punk jangle, psych, neo-soul and vibes that’ll be familiar to fans of Tame Impala and Beirut. Culminating in perhaps their own new genre, Psychasouldelic…

The video for the EP’s opening track, “Electric Ballroom Dress”, is a beautiful and meticulously shot tribute to the 1960’s heyday of band films. Directed by Clint Frift and set in lush countryside, the short-film finds the rockers acting naturally just like the promotional/vanity films once all-the-rage when The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and The Knack could be seen in cinemas.

You can view the video below.


Directed/Edited by Clint Frift

Special Credits:
Alan Henderson
Sophia French

Matt – vocals
Jocelyn – drummer
Al – guitar
Lufta – bass

Band photo by Sophia French

Penny Betts

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