Partikul Related Memories
13. December 2021 By Walter Price 0

NEW MONDAY!! PARTIKUL Related memories

Partikul Related memories LP is available at Bandcamp.

Partikul Related Memories

by Walter Price

Regardless of what stage of the heyday of post-punk you were into, Killing Joke, Bauhaus, Marc Almond, The Teardrop Explodes or whatever your thing was, the recent LP, ‘Related memories’, by Brussels’ Partikul is gonna take ya back to those endless nights on sticky blackened dancefloors, your spidery fingers splayed out reaching for unattainable shadows. You know the vibe…

Here’s the rub. Fronted by Stef and Aly, you may find it difficult to, well, find this near hidden gem. It’s readily available on Bandcamp and there’s a cool early 1980s-styled music video for the single “Apart”, directed by Sound in distance, but that’s seemingly it. Lest I forget, you can also find an email address on their Facebook page for directed mailings as well. It’s all really old school and pretty damn intriguing. Probably not a very lucrative way to go about it, but cool just the same.

So, if you wanna get your nocturnal post-punk juices flowing, Partikul’s 10-track ‘Related memories’ is one of the most respectful returns to an era that shaped not only myself but an entire generation of shadowy souls.

Aly: Synths, drums machine, and vocals
Stef: Guitars and vocals

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Tom Stadnicki at the Vault March 2021

Tom S.L. Stadnicki additional Guitar on Goldmoon
Giant Green Ed Candle additional clapping on Free dolls

Label and management // Exit does not exist Records

Artwork by ELOY

Video, directed by Sound in distance AKA Alfonso Grande

Partikul photo by Edouard Chandelle

Partikul Related Memories

Facebook // Exit does not exist Records

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