only human
6. July 2020 By Walter Price 0

…turned away at the finish line, SINGLE: NRVS LVRS – Only Human [Eric Palmquist, producer]

NRVS LVRS – Only Human [Cult Lite, EP], available now at Bandcamp.

only human

by Walter Price

When NRVS LVRS [Andrew Gomez / Bevin Fernandez] released their coming-to-America track last January, they couldn’t have imagined how the American dream would become so discombobulated. Set to a near misleading bop, the lyrics say plenty about the realities of trying to navigate the emotional course towards a better life.

only move in the dead of night
only move in the dead of night
we can’t be found

do you
how your hand felt in mine?
I still think
about you
telling me not to cry
I tried but I’m only human

turned away at the finish line
turned away at the finish line
a kiss goodbye

Yeah, I teared up as well. Under the current administration, hate and the lack of any sense of empathy rules supreme. But, I do have faith that we can turn it around. Build a better, understanding, and accepting country. I only hope that this feeling isn’t naive at this point in time. What I do know, is that I will play this track whenever possible, to start a conversation or more…

Only Human is from the phenomenal new EP, ‘Cult Lite’, available now on most platforms.

NRVS LVRS Only Human

+ Cult Lite EP

Band photo Kristin Cofer

produced & engineered by Eric Palmquist
music + lyrics by NRVS LVRS
mastered by John Greenham

only human

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“NRVS LVRS (pronounced “Nervous Lovers”) is the dreamy darkwave project of husband & wife duo Andrew Gomez and Bevin Fernandez. While citing acts like Massive Attack, Can, and Kate Bush as influences, their music flirts with caustic electro-pop elements similar to that of The Knife, Bat for Lashes, or Crystal Castles. The dulcet tones of Fernandez ‘soaring vocals complimented by Gomez’ low crooning glide over layers of ominous synths, driving guitar, and precise percussion to create compelling electronic soundscapes.” – FB bio

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