numb tongues
26. March 2021 By Walter Price 0

…swim or sink, NUMB TONGUES – Stuck in the Blue

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numb tongues

by Walter Price

Sonically, the recent single “Stuck in the Blue”, from Toronto’s ‘friendly neighborhood funky punks‘ Numb Tongues, has plenty of nods to RHCP, Charles Mosley era Faith No More, Ween, and heavy jam worthy prog rock. Thematically, well, this song is weighty on the sexual undertones. Metaphors that conjure up thoughts of the ill-fated storyline of The Creature From the Black Lagoon. Yeah.

The opening heavy groove thump, vocalist Jonah Grinberg’s urgent, if not a bit tormented delivery, and plenty of dynamite guitar licks as the story of lust and sexual desires unfold in expulsive truths. As the songwriter, Grinberg has been quoted, “When I wrote the lyrics back in 2018, my dating life was in a rut and I felt like the only guy I knew who never had a happy dating experience. I know I don’t ever again want to feel as hurt as I have in the past and I know my intentions are good. At the end of the day, it’s important to know what’s right for you and this song gave me the permission I needed to grow into the ultimate sexual version of myself.”

You slime like a starfish, your sting is electric
The taste of your jelly, my fingers they prune
The floor’s full of coral, too deep for my snorkel
Trying to get my rocks off lying in your lagoon

But I’m still stuck in the blue
No clue if I’ll swim or sink in my own stew
But I’m still stuck in the blue
No clue if I’ll swim or sink in my own stew

The scent of your potion is a rainbow of emotions
My thirst for your body so perfectly prime
In the past I’d invest myself wholeheartedly into something that was never reciprocated by the other party
So all I need is some sex on the beach and I’ll be satisfied

I think the sentiments and double entendres are pretty clear-cut. The mind gets twisted when the libido rears its ugly head, and, as you’re fully aware, it’s a complicated path to navigate. And you can stream this epic introspective jam as well as the band’s Top Spotify Tracks, now at the GTC.


Band artwork by Kelcy Timmons

Written by Jonah Grinberg, Tristan Lipton, Corey Ryan & Max Wilson
Produced by Numb Tongues
Engineered by Thomas Thurley
Additional engineering by Mike Grundy
Mixed by Matt Snell
Mastered by Kristian Montano
Recorded at Leadfoot Studios
Vocals recorded at Jonah’s grandmother’s house
Artwork by Kelcy Timmons

Numb Tongues:
Jonah Grinberg (lead vocals & lyrics)
Tristan Lipton (guitar)
Corey Ryan (drums)
Max Wilson (bass guitar)

Additional musicians:
Spencer Bridgwater (bass guitar)
DJ Unknown (turntables)

numb tongues

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The band is well known for their creative and dynamic songwriting abilities, advanced musicianship, and thoughtful lyrics. Between the catchy melodies and tight rhythms, there’s more than enough to melt your face.” – bio

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