28. May 2015 By Walter Price 0

NRVS LVRS Cordoba Grey

So put your ear up to my lips, And here me ask you for a clip. We’re going on a killing spree NRVS LVRSJust my little girl and me…

by Walter Price


NRVS LVRS, San Francisco’s ethereal dark indie pop outfit is out with a new video for their criminally beautiful track “Cordoba Grey” (Breakup Records). A continuous kick in the gut love shambles story, the sort that can find an urge and drive the verge of going for broke, no one will or should try and stop us narrative.

The David Dutton directed clip follows the story’s devotees  play out in a cinematic their end is where we start ode to Tarantino, Ferrara or à la any well done dismal looking in from the outside love is crime storyline. This is the sort of track and clip that keep the juices and fantasies flowing. Well done, wonder if there is a feature film to follow…


NRVS LVRS: Facebook / BandCamp / Twitter


Aaron Hazen – drums, loops
Wendy Brents – vocals, synth bass
Andrew Gomez – vocals, guitar, keys
Bevin Fernandez – vocals,keys
Ryan McGee – guitar, keys
Clayton Vorheis – bass


Side note: I once owned a 1978 Grey Chrysler Cordoba