BOY JR. is Not in the Bible
17. April 2023 By Walter Price 0

You, me & BOY JR. are Not in the Bible + Meet Me In the Middle

Boy Jr. Not in the Bible is available on Patreon

BOY JR. is Not in the Bible

by Walter Price

If you’ve been around TikTok, Twitter or what have ya the past few days you’ve undoubtedly been infected by Boy Jr.’s earworm clapback bop, “Not in the Bible”. Parts Vogue groove, 99 bottles of beer on the wall, and the kind of addictiveness that Ylvis sucked us all into. Do we need another song that’ll stay with us throughout the coming summer? Yes, yes we do, and since this particular song can be personalized each and every time you hear it, err hum and wiggle around to it…So much pointed-finger and poignant silliness are sure to occur!

Obviously, there’s an origin story for this track. But its snarky brilliance is all we truly need to focus on—right? And for whatever reason, it’s only available in full on Boy Jr.’s Patreon page. But worry not, she has a stacked catalog of witty and sharp bedroom pop tracks sure to brighten up any one of your twisty playlists. For example, below, you can check out your new fave, “Meet Me In the Middle” or pop on over to Bandcamp and check out the recently released Remix collection aptly titled, “Pay Attention To Meee Reeeemixes“.

Fun fact: I’m not in the bible and neither are you…so let’s dial up some wiggle-inducing tunes! Go on, name something that’s not in the bible…Gawd, you know ya wanna…

Boy Jr.

Artist photo via Facebook (Collage created for size requirements)

MUSIC VIDEO: Directors: Erica Allen-Lubman and Kerry Lubman
Cinematography: Kerry Lubman
Editor: Ryan Wentz
Shitty ex: Noah Kay
Superspy Ex1: Erica Allen-Lubman
Superspy Ex2: Noa Shapiro
Superspy Ex3: Betty Fireall

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