13. August 2013 By Walter Price 0

Not Blank At All: The Blank Tapes

By C. Price
If you are looking for a hidden musical treasure you might have found it right here, right now. Introducing The Blank Tapes. Main man is Southern California native Matt Adams who according to his bio has  

“maybe over 400 originals hovering inside his head” and also has “lost albums and unreleased albums and more albums for the future planned out to the last detail”

This multi-talent designs the bands album covers and tour posters. After 2010’s “Home Away From Home” they have just released their new record “Vacation” in May of this year. The Blank Tapes are on tour in the United States through November 8th. In Europe we can only hope that somebody will discover them fast and books shows and festivals for 2014. It would be one lost treasure if they wouldn’t!

Tour Dates