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In Her Own ’67 Words: Nico (Päffgen) on desire not to grow up…

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“I would say the time has not yet come. I rebel against the present, whenever it is because I have not seen any change, other than oppositions grow stronger. I would be a communist if it was more anarchist. Otherwise, I see only everything as an absurdity, so I can laugh and cry. I have lived in a continuation, from birth and growing towards death in a chain that cannot end. I don’t see this decade then that decade. The same things happen in different guises. I am bohemian but at one time you would call me a hippie or a punk. I remain a bohemian whatever you call me. So maybe I am locked in the fifties. But I have never desired to grow up from my world as a child, which is when things are most clear and utopian. They are clear because you are at the center and you see all around you. When you get older you lose your sight … I lost something of my childishness when people around me start dying. Four of my family died within a year.”



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Quote comes from Life and Lies of an Icon by Richard Witts (1995) / Photograph – Paul Morrissey (we think)


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