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17. February 2018 By Walter Price 0

The Magic of Holiday Sidewinder Tra$h Can Luv

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holiday sidewinder

by Walter Price


Holiday Sidewinder is probably the most eclectic pop star to be burbling just under the radar. Considering the current state of music offerings, she should be in the forefront. Her recent single, “Tra$h Can Luv”, is perfect evidence of my theory.

Laid out over an 80’s style soundtrack, which one YouTuber commented, “I love this song, it has a very New Order feel”. Which is understandable. The commenter was in the right era but perhaps he and/or she has an affinity for that sound. Which is influential but I think this track is an updated amalgamation of many bygone versions of pop. But New Order-ish could be. Anyhoo.

The song’s story is also open to interpretation. My thoughts are in two parts. First, a story of a person of means dating someone below his peer groups expectations. Secondly, a secret torrid affair lurking in the darkness of lies and deceit. Or, to add a third, an unrequited combination of both.

Oh I have to work so hard to get by,
while you’re off on another first class flight
Take me to your apartment-
only when it’s darkened.

Whichever it is or however you hear the composition, Holiday Sidewinder is back and in perfect form. Check out the Thom Kerr directed video for the single below and ask yourself, “Why isn’t more pop this authentic?”. Magic.



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Directed by Thom Kerr in Los Angeles, California.
Hair: Iggy Rosales
Make-Up: Pauly Blanch



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