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NEWS: Rob Zombie’s New Movie +

Rob Zombie (Photo: Facebook)

By Walter Price

Not often on these pages do I have the opportunity to talk up my love of horror films or my longtime fascination of most things Rob Zombie. 

Zombie has been a long time student of all things horror films and has, most likely, the largest fright libraries known to any rocker. So when he decided to delve into making movies with 2003’s House Of 1000 Corpses he successfully mastered the psychological  blood fests reminiscent of Tobe Hooper (Texas Chainsaw Massacre), John Carpenter (Halloween), Kevin Conner (Motel Hell) and David Cronenberg (Videodrome). I’m sure he would argue he followed in the footsteps of more obscure directors, so be it. 

Zombie’s films have been hit or miss with critics and finding horror fans delighted at his fresh retro approach to film making. It’s what the genre has need for some time. A time when people think Guillermo del Toro (he is good-ish) is the bee’s knees. 

By far his most accomplished work (in my beady little eyes) has been The Devil’s Rejects and his re-boot of Halloween not far behind. Go on, I know what purest say about tampering with John Carpenter’s classic…But Zombie made a damn good movie. 


Anyway, this is now and Loudwire is reporting that Zombie is set to work on a new film cryptically titled ’31’.  Surprised? Since we last heard the filmmaker told The Phoenix-Sun Times, “No. I’m not really thinking of doing anything . . . Lords of Salem is my last sort of horror-genre related film for a really long time.”. Leading the internets to go wild speculating that he was done for good in the horror stories biz.

Again, anyway, check out Chad Childers’ article here. You’ll also find a new live video for “Superbeast”. Before you do that, take a look at the almost silly teaser for the new film ’31’ below. Kinda looks like a video resume than anything else. Disappointing really but its what we have to work with. 

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