New Friends Doomed
8. September 2022 By Walter Price 0

…happy and in love, NEW FRIENDS Doomed

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New Friends Doomed

by Walter Price

The polished high octane new single “Doomed” from Ontario outfit New Friends is certainly arena-sized. And while the soundtrack and dancefloor-ready track is guaranteed to induce some fist-pumping, is the song as celebratory as it seems…

According to the band itself, maybe not. In a quote provided to the GTC, the song’s backstory goes something like this, “Our new single, “Doomed,” revolves around the idea of being self-aware of the chaotic energy you bring into your love life. When relationship after relationship consistently fails, often we give up and say, “Well I guess I’m just really bad at this ‘love’ thing.”

“This song calls out to any future lover, preparing them for the fact that you know how the story is going to go…While this song brings up a lot of serious issues we sometimes face in our love lives, we felt that the most therapeutic way of dealing with those issues is by not letting them bring us down.

“Acknowledge reality, smile, and worry about it tomorrow.”

Party rock with depth, an anthem for those who keep fucking shit up? For sure! And there was a top-notch Keegan Robin-helmed music video (it comes with a warning), but at the time of publishing this review, it’s been removed. But keep checking the link for updates or new edits or whatever is going on behind the scenes. Until then, you can stream the “Doomed” here at the GTC.


Band photo via Facebook // Quotes courtesy of New Friends // Single photo by Steph Montani

Stefan Boulineau
Ayden Miller
Cole Wilson
Conrad Galecki

Written by New Friends, Cassie Dasilva , Tilsen & Brian Rivlin – Composer/Producer

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We’ll be happy and in love and doomed from the start…”

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