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Best Melbourne Garage Rock Holiday Song Ever: The Naysayers – “Na Na Na Christmas”

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by Walter Price


Depending on what part of this planet you live on, Melbourne Australia doesn’t instantly come to mind when it comes to origins of ballsout rock ‘n’ roll Christmas tunes. But, you, wherever you are, are about to have your ears blown.

Australia’s DIY garage-rock outfit The Naysayers have been a true GTC fave since our inception with their respectful and skilled takes on classic rock and punk sounds. And when it comes Christmas, this thrilling band released a blistering track, “Na Na Na Christmas”, a few years back that has been on my holiday playlist ever since.

And, every year, I always have a read of one of the funniest and bloodiest Christmas memories I’ve had the privileged to encounter. The tale comes from The Naysayers’ Nathaniel Parbery and this is what he recounted for The GTC in 2013, “Only Christmas story that might be interesting was my Xmas last year. It was my first Christmas away from home (I grew up in Perth and had flown over for every Christmas up until last year). My girlfriend and I were house sitting a place at a time and the people had this mental dog. A schnauzer I believe.

“The place we were staying at was in an area that had quite a few possums. I woke up Christmas morning and went outside and it looked like an incident occurred between the dog and a possum over the night. The backyard was scattered with ‘bits’ of possum all over the place, and a very happy schnauzer. Spent my Christmas morning picking up possum guts. Never found the head. Let’s just say that I’ll be spending Christmas at home this year.”

Gets me every time…The Naysayers have announced a new LP, ‘HELLFIRE SING SING’, set for release January 2, 2018. Until then, rock out to their blazing Christmas track, “Na Na Na Christmas”.

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