My Dear Wendy I Hope
21. March 2023 By Walter Price 0

…tears fall down, MY DEAR WENDY I Hope

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My Dear Wendy I Hope

by Walter Price

Like a whisper, My Dear Wendy [Amanda Gunnels] quietly released a new single, “I Hope”. Co-written with Austin Filingo, this is a powerful anthem that never fully crescendos, rather it builds to a calm fervor Replete with choral-style choruses, and along the way asks the questions, “How are we to fight this fight?, “How are we to move this forward/ When the powder keg becomes the storm?” and “How many times do we have to stand and say…”.

There is Hope to be found in this grim and vivid view of our ever-twisted world, but what is it that these two songwriters witnessed to cause them to pen such a pointed song? Perhaps it’s this intrigue that will induce contemplation and perhaps start a conversation or two. So brace yourself, to not only be moved once again by the venerable My Dear Wendy’s knack for writing a song with weighty roots, it’s her magic power after all, but to find comfort and strength in the fact that you’re not alone on this discombobulated planet.

You can stream the reflective anthem, “I Hope”, here at the GTC.


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Written by Austin Filingo & Amanda Gunnels // Performed by My Dear Wendy

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Born and raised in an Atlanta suburb, Amanda Gunnels always had a passion for music. She began taking classical piano lessons in elementary school, and quickly evolved into a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter by the end of high school. Though piano is still her main instrument, Amanda is proficient on bass guitar, acoustic guitar, drums, and vocals.” – artist bio

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