Clara Engel Golden Egg
22. March 2023 By Walter Price 0

…parts unknown, CLARA ENGEL Golden Egg

Clara Engel Golden Egg [Their Invisible Hands LP] is available on Bandcamp, Deezer, Tidal

Clara Engel Golden Egg

by Walter Price

Someplace between that bewitching space of slumber and the mystical heavens and from the most eclectic mind of multi-faceted, multi-instrumented, and certainly multi-dimensional artist Clara Engel comes the experimentally distinctive LP, “Their Invisible Hands” (2022). A dark and hauntingly beautiful escape into the psyche of a nonconformist who seems to let her soul, in concert with the elements, guide her creativity. Channeling all the whimsy and shadowy memories to fill in the voids of this 13-track experience.

I’m particularly drawn to the poetic and mystical lullaby (of sorts), “Golden Egg”. Engel’s ethereal vocals and softly hypnotic arrangement intertwine innocence and a spiritual offering. Like if it were co-created by s woodland shaman as it leads you into another whelm. Which, in a way, could be my overall synopsis of the entire album.

If you’re looking into a new form of escapism, give Clara Engel’s “Their Invisible Hands” a moment or two. But if time is an issue, get yourself started by giving “Golden Egg” a stream, here at the GTC.


Artist photo via Facebook // Bio excerpt via Bandcamp

Recorded and mixed at home in 2021 by Clara Engel
Mastered by Krzysztof Sujata

All songs and instrumentals written and improvised by Clara Engel
Instruments: voice, cigar box guitar, talharpa, shruti box, melodica, found percussion, tongue drum, chromonica.

Engel has just announced her next album, SANGUINARIA, expected to be released on June 16, 2023.

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I’m not writing the same song over and over so much as writing one long continuous song that will end when I die…” C.Engel (Bandcamp)

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