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7. November 2017 By Walter Price 0

Three Reasons Why Australia’s The Mercy Kills + European Tour Dates

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mercy kills

by Walter Price


Melbourne’s rock and roll outfit The Mercy Kills are several things in one thunderous package. Dirty rock, a smidge of glam, and “sex punk” (to quote their Facebook page). But as tempting that it may be to try to label a record store shelf for or pigeonhole an outfit like this, it is ultimately futile. In the band’s near ten-year existence they have had several releases that twist and turn what common perceptions of what barroom rock can and often should be.

Over the years The Mercy Kills haven’t been fully satisfied in churning out great rock. The band has also been seen opening for the likes of Everclear, Slim Jim Phantom, Courtney Love, Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols), and Super Suckers to name just a few. As well as working on film projects and releasing some of the most aesthetic music videos you can imagine.

After years of promising to hit Europe, The Mercy Kills have announced a short stint through Munich, Paris, and Leipzig, DE and some in-between. Kicking off 22 November and ending up 1 December. So, if you’re near any of the stops do not steer clear. But before you make your plans and get your tickets, check these three reasons why The Mercy Kills.


Nov 22 – Keller Club – Munich
Nov 24 – Thunderbird 42 – St Etienne
Nov 25 – La Feline – Paris
Nov 30 – Wild At Heart – Berlin
Dec 1 – Conne Island – Leipzig



Mark E – Jen X – Nathalie Gelle – Josh Black



End This Way (2017)


Waiting on You (2015)


Little Mercy (2014)


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