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…nobody out there, SINGLE: THE MAYBLUES: “In Bed All Day”

The Mayblues – In Bed All Day is available @ Bandcamp.


by Walter Price

LA-based blues experimentalists The Mayblues are only one single deep into their future and things are already getting interesting. The three-piece have posted a varying array of demos to Soundcloud that have the band creating tracks reminiscent of songs ranging from btw British Invasion, Nirvana and a brass-less Morphine.

And that single, “In Bed All Day”, is a soul-bearing slow-fi track. A song the band explains simply as, “a song about being lazy in bed all day due to depression.” Which is certainly relatable, but there seems to be something just beyond sorrow afoot. Something not as straightforward, something twisty.

My phone just tells the date and the hour
And helps me waste my precious time that
I somehow always end up spending
Missing you again
Missing you again

It’s so easy to stay home
In bed all day
All alone
Well lately

Seems like there’s nobody out there
Who’ll love me again
The way you did that day

The familiar feelings of loss, yearning and I’m falling deeper and can’t get up are pronounced. But who did what to who that caused this slumbering melancholy? It’s similar to the last chapter of Bobby Braddock/Curly Putman’s “He Stopped Loving Her Today”… Where you realize that the full story will never be told. And that’s a hard pill to swallow…


Band photo via Facebook

Chris Im – Guitar & Vocals
Angel Gonzalez – Drums
Nicolae Einoder – Bass


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