Maximum Security Prism
20. May 2022 By Walter Price 0

NEW: ROSE HAZE Maximum Security Prism

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Maximum Security Prism

by Walter Price

Intrapersonal communication, psychedelic exploration, vast sonic travel, navigating PTSD, and contemplative spirituality? All points of interest as you prep yourself for your upcoming journey into the recent 8-track album, “Maximum Security Prism”, from ROSE HAZE (Kate Ramsey and Ruben Gonzales).

In an in-depth Bandcamp post, co-producer/guitarist Gonzales is quoted, “The making of this album was both an interesting challenge, and something that easily flowed. I was still very new to mixing. I was learning to use new tools, learning to listen to music from a different perspective. However, Kate and I operate largely on the same musical wavelength. These songs were repeatedly disassembled, reassembled, rearranged, and yet we always seemed to arrive at the same place. Hours, for example, was a complete song. It had all the guitars, drums, bass, weird intrusive crickets. I completely disassembled it, recorded new parts. Yet it still fundamentally flows the same way. The crickets still chirp away like musical interlopers. It still ticks at the same weird tempo. Throughout the album, there were challenges, technical glitches, arguments, but at the end of the day it always felt like a conversation between two friends with like minds and probably a bit too much wine.”

This set is chockful of Florence Welch’s post-disco energy, Roky Erickson’s unrestrained experimentation, Jefferson Airplane-esque mind-twisting, and all the raw dream and bedroom pop one could grasp are interwoven into the fabric of this cohesively wandering album. Conjured up from the depths of a ‘recharged spirit’, MSP is explained by Ramsey as a “testament to flying free in the psychedelic prismic rainbow, living in the light, charging on through tough times, working through the aftermath of toxic relationships without seeking revenge, and feeling beautiful, powerful, and worthy without harboring guilt, especially from a divine feminine perspective.” (HAPPY)


The vibe-heavy “Maximum Security Prism” is an extraordinary journey through a soul’s rehabilitation without getting weighed down with too much lingering baggage. And you can stream the LP in full, here at the GTC.

ROSE HAZE Maximum Security Prism

Artist photo courtesy of Public Display PR // quotes via Bandcamp HAPPY, and PD PR

Compositions, Vocals, Synths, Guitar, and Arrangements by Kate Ramsey
Guitars, Bass, and Drums by Ruben Gonzales
Recorded & Produced by Kate Ramsey and Ruben Gonzales
Mixed by Ruben Gonzales
Mastered by Harold LaRue
Cover art by Jessalyn Ragus

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The album’s concept began during Kate’s period of deep meditation on Kaua’i in which she intentionally removed herself from the intense life of a working musician to simply take a break, dig into her music on a deeper level, and come back on the scene with a fully recharged spirit.” – bio (Public Display PR)

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