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26. February 2015 By Walter Price 0

Matchstickmen Have Good Reason “For No Reason”

“We wanted to bring the issue to people’s attention because it seems so much harder for kids now to how to stop bullyingwhen we were growing up.”


by Walter Price


Liverpool rockers Matchstickmen have a new personal and soul strring single ‘For No Reason‘ that isn’t just a fresh track from their forthcoming sophomore release ‘From Our Own Ashes’ (MainLine Records / Code 7 Distribution) but it has a cause associated with it. International Stand Up to Bullying Day. 27 February 2015.

The deep need for one to cause emotional and/physical harm to another for the endless faux reasons given isn’t now or will it ever be tolerable. With the newest form, cyber bullying, it has made it easier for those to attack and mentally maim anyone they or a gang of sorts wishes.

As we have with artists in the past and will continue you to do so, we applaud Matchstickmen for using their resources, in this case straight up jarring rock n’ roll, to bring attention to this unneeded phenomenon. A portion of the proceeds of this new single will go to help The Cybersmile Foundation.

The Cybersmile Foundation is a cool organization and support system helping put an end to cyber bullying and providing the support victims need in 25 countries. Often when there is no other place to turn,

The single “For No Reason” is available below but be cool and order it HERE and help this important cause. One way or the other, directly or otherwise, we’re all effected by this problem. All ages, all classes, all people.

I caught up with Matchstickmen and asked one simple question:


What does this track and the cause mean to each of you?

Lewis Wright (Lead vocalist / main lyricist)
“The subject matter of ‘For No Reason’ is about someone close to me being bullied and not being able to escape it because of the rise of social media and cyber-bullying. The song started out as an acoustic track called “Flicker”, which we featured on our Acoustic EP – Acoustic Grooves to soothe the soul is available on iTunes.  We wanted to bring the issue to people’s attention because it seems so much harder for kids now to when we were growing up and we thought a harder track might have more of an impact in pushing the message home.”

“We are so pleased to be working with The Cybersmile Foundation as they are committed to helping everyone realise their true potential by supporting those that are bullied online. Each person that buys the new single joins them in helping prepare this and future generations for a safe and positive digital future.”

Peter Donnelly (Guitarist)
“This song was written about a victim of cyber bullying as those people don’t have many places to go to for help but hopefully the music and the help it brings to the charity will go towards helping. Cyber bullying is a fairly recent problem so not many people understand it or know how to deal with it so bringing it out in the form of music should bring some awareness that young people these days have to deal with that, even if we didn’t’.

Iain Forsyth (Bass / backing vocals)
“I feel we’ve stepped up our game with this album, levelled up within the writing process, gone further and will quench the thirst of a wider audience looking for something amazing and special. We’ve got to grips with what we want to say and ensuring the message comes across with intensity and fortitude.”

“It’s incredible that with the potential that the Internet has offer, some people still resort to such small mindedness and act without forethought resulting in the anguish and heart ache of others. It all needs to stop. And stop soon!”

“Dangerous” Dave Hornby (Drummer)
“I think the track ‘For no Reason’ is a dynamic song with great riffs, fun to play and has powerful lyrics that people can relate to concerning bullying. It’s also a song that will appeal to all music lovers so hopefully we can make more people aware of the serious issue of cyber bullying. With technology being a major part of everyday life it leaves people vulnerable to online bullying 24/7.”


The Cybersmile Foundation: Facebook / Website / Twitter

Matchstickmen: Facebook / Website / Twitter