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by Walter Price


“Should I stay or should I go…” has been an evergreen quandary. Is this relationship right for me, for you. I have to be free, come back to me. London based electro-duo MARSHEAUX’s newest single “To The End” examines this inner turmoil.

You are afraid to leave
I am afraid to leave you
You tore me apart
You are already gone
I am too blind to see it
Here we are, to the edge
Stop pretending, it’s fake
We know it

In the Guillem Manzanares directed video, the struggle becomes visually stunning as the camera follows dancer/actor Mireia Oriol translating lyrics into movement. It adds even more weight to a situation we’re all familiar with.  Witness it all below.



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Starring: Mireia Oriol, Strong The
Director and Choreographer: Guillem Manzanares
Cinematographer: Pablo Di Prima
Stylist: Justin Hamilton
Editor: Gerard Vila
Color Grading: Júlia Rossetti
Camera Assistant: Baris Cavusoglu
Graphics: Felipe de San Pedro & Virginia Mars
Location Suport: Dino Dassler
Sound Editing: Pablo Ballotta

Special Thanks: Alex Sanz, Chloë English, Júlia Latorre, Leonardo Pellegrino, Victor Paré Rakosnik, Cyprien Clement-Delmas, Jack Mealing, Nick Bitzenis, Undo Records, Gid Beresford, Tomás Fernández


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