Maria durch ein Dornwald gin
16. December 2020 By Walter Price 0

KINBOM & KESSNER – Maria durch ein Dornwald ging

Kinbom & Kessner – Maria durch ein Dornwald ging is available at Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music.

by Walter Price

If you’ve had the pleasure of attending Christmas concerts in Germany or Austria, as I have over the past several years, then you should be very familiar with the Holiday classic, “Maria durch ein Dornwald ging”. A centuries-old Advent hymnal that is steeped in gospel imagery. It’s said to be the telling of Mary, pregnant with Jesus at the time, going to meet St. Elizabeth, who in turn was pregnant with John the Baptist. As told in the Gospel of Luke. Heavy and beautiful and only made more striking with the brand new rendition by Kinbom & Kessner.

Made slightly more haunting with Kinbom’s harmonium/lap steel and the slight French-style pop vocal delivery by Kessner, this modern take will stir souls throughout this Holiday season. As Kinbom and Kessner alike know how to compose cinematic beauty, their version of the rooted 16th Century classic may induce a chill and maybe a tear or so.

As this new single finds its way onto your fave Holiday playlist, I must remind you to check out Kinbom’s stunning 2018 release, ‘Songs For Lap Steel And Harmonium’. An album like no other and you can stream it and “Maria durch ein Dornwald ging” as well, now at the GTC.

Maria durch ein Dornwald ging

+ Songs For Lap Steel And Harmonium LP

Sonja Kessner – vocals, flute.
Fredrik Kinbom – guitar, lap steel guitar, harmonium, percussion.
Hans-Jörn Brandenburg – celesta.
Valter Kinbom – nyckelharpa.

Produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Fredrik Kinbom at Madame Vega’s Boudoir, Berlin. Additional recording by Hans-Jörn Brandenburg in Berlin (celesta) and Valter Kinbom in Stockholm (nyckelharpa).

Traditional German Christmas song that can be traced back to the 16th century, arranged by Fredrik Kinbom (celesta part arranged by Hans-Jörn Brandenburg).

Cover photo by Fredrik Kinbom

Maria durch ein Dornwald gin

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Kinbom & Kessner is a cooperation project between the Swedish lap steel musician and composer Fredrik Kinbom (Gemma Ray, Sarah Blasko, etc.) and the German theater maker Sonja Kessner.” – bio

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