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…all the people she’s ever been, MALU Evergreen

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by Walter Price

With the poetic whisper of the Lars von Trier-esque intro to burgeoning Danish pop star MALU’s forthcoming debut EP, “Evergreen”, you wouldn’t fully know that you’re about to enter into a world of slowburn R&B jams. Tracks chockful of unwavering confidence, introspection, and perseverance.

While most of the production on this episodic album will find fans of Sade (Adu), BANKS, and H.E.R. feeling right at home, the crème de la crème producers have sewn enough subtle quirks that will please devotees of Grimes and Jhené Aiko as well.

In a well-publicized quote, MALU shares some album insight, “There are songs about making your boyfriend jealous on purpose, being in doubt about who you are, losing and regaining hope, and finally understanding that it’s all part of the process”.

6 brutally honest songs about navigating personal growth, love, and forging new paths. All relatable themes told brilliantly with EP highlights “Solace“, “Evergreen”, and triumphant “Still Breathing”. You can catch up on all the chapters and all the people MALU has ever been on April 8, 2022, Until then, check out the visuals for the before-mentioned album intro. It’s a stark and stunning experience, kinda like “Evergreen”, itself.


Artist photo by Reprise. // Quotes and artwork courtesy of Potato Head PR

Songs by MALU (Marie-Louise Pierini Lüders)

Produced by Awinbeh Ayagiba, Magnus Tempels, Adam Hillebrandt and Lasse Ziegler

Video produced by: Reprise
Director: Mattis Huus Heurlin
DOP & editor: Milan Bjørnild
1st AC & BTS: Sebastian Solkær
Gaffer & steadicam: Karl Zaki
MUA: Sigurveig Þórmundsdóttir
Set-designer: Signe Kejlbo


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In her honest universe of pop melodies, soulful tunes, and R&B sensations, MALU is singing her way out of her identity crisis, through stories of dreams, heartaches, and insecurities…” – bio

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