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2. June 2018 By Walter Price 0

In Her Own Words: Lzzy Hale on the heaviness of Vicious (+ Uncomfortable video)

Lzzy Hale/Halestorm have a new album Vicious available for pre-order on iTunes. Lzzy hale quotes  

“It probably is the heaviest record we’ve put out, but at the same time, we always consider it just a natural progression of who we are. Because when we make a record, that’s kind of it, we don’t like going back and trying to recreate something that we’re already tired of. Especially this industry right now it’s like a three-year album cycle for rock and roll, whereas in other genres, maybe they put out a single every month or something like that. But when you put out an album [as a rock band], you go out and you tour and you do that, so you’re a completely different person when you come off of it. So I’m not the same person I was on the last record. And so we’re moving forward.”



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The quote comes from the Eric Blair interview at Hall Of Heavy Metal History.  

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