Lynne Jackaman
12. July 2019 By Walter Price 0

A ‘Supernasty’ WKND SPIN: LYNNE JACKAMAN – “Copycat” (single)

Lynne Jackaman – ‘Sunpernasty’ is available @ Bandcamp.

Lynne Jackaman

by Walter Price

Lynne Jackaman’s latest release, the ‘Supernasty’ EP, is a four-track sultry vortex. An album ready to soundtrack a smokey and clanking bottomless tumblers brimmed lounge. From the dance-floor ready and horned filled funkiness of the title track to the simmering rhythm & blues cover of Mark Ronson (ft. Miley Cyrus) “Nothing Breaks Like A Heart”, guarantees this release is a contender for countless end-of-year best-of lists. And all this is just a dynamite appetizer for her forthcoming full-length, ‘One Shot’…

Speaking to National Rock Review‘s Adam Kennedy, Jackaman discuses experiencing/feeling the histories of FAME Studios during recording, “Completely because you’ve got the two main studios in Fame, which is Studio A – which is the big room, where a lot of pictures are taken and you’ve got Studio B where Duane Allman would hang out trying to pick up sessions and stuff like that and sleep in there. And Sam and Dave rehearsed in there. There are all sorts of ghosts in there as well.

“But what you really don’t realize is when you stand there, you really do feel the spirits in the room and also when you look up you just see all of the album covers like “I’ve Never Loved A ManThe Way I Love You” by Aretha and things like that. And it’s still got the Wurlitzer in there, that Etta James used and it’s got her cigarette burn on it. So they’ve still got mic’s that Etta used and things like that.

“Rick Hall, you know, the late Rick Hall, he was very much somebody who respected the artists who walked in there and endeavoured to preserve the equipment and stuff that they’d used. So yeah, the walls are just dripping in history really – it’s crazy. And that’s without just seeing all the pictures that are in like the kitchen area, it’s just wall to wall pictures of all the people that had been in there and recorded. You just can’t quite take it in when you’re there, especially with the jet lag.

“But no, I still can’t really believe it happened. But it was a massive team effort with my fans and me. And I got to make the album I wanted to make, in a place that was a life box ticked for me and I made some lifelong friends out of it as well – so it’s all good.”

Take the second track, “Copycat”, a 70s-vibed bluesy soul warning/examination of you definitely should be you, for a spin and add it to your summer/weekend playlists. We have @ the GTC WKND SPIN.


Album: Produced & Arranged by Jamie Evans / Mixed & Mastered by Wayne Proctor

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