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Lukas Nelson & Promise of The Real – “Find Yourself”

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by Walter Price


Lukas Nelson & Promise of The Real and their new self-titled album is as stunning as it is brutally honest. In an era of throwback bands imitating the music heroes who’ve come before them, Nelson and company have the respect and love of the actual history and depth of their forebears.

The album is not a single entity, yet a collection of vignettes showcasing and honoring varying sounds and textures of times past thriving in refreshing and beautiful integrity. Throughout the release, you’ll hear and feel shadows of JJ Cale, Glen Campbell, Neil Young, Flying Burrito Brothers, Kris Kristofferson, Frank Sinatra, and Willie Nelson.

None of this in mimicry or simplicity. No, what you have on this album is pure deep appreciation and consideration. A perfect example is their track “Finding Yourself”. An instant reminder of how the era of Jim Weatherly and Billy Paul captivated. A dynamic soul infused track that immediately tears into your senses.

The highlights are many on this particular track but for my money, I would have to say the mix of Lady Gaga’s backing vocals in concert with the brilliant and raw guitar work here.is, well, everything. I’d hate to be so obviously cliché, but “Find Yourself”, like the entire album, is an instant classic. If not a textbook example for any musician looking to be ‘real’.



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