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Lovers Electric In Plain Sight

‘Waiting For Something To Happen’
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By Walter Price

Some of the best things in life can often happen in plain-sight without you being an initial witness.

Take for example, Lovers Electric. An indie pop duo who have been making fresh sounds and writing poignant, beautiful, and soulful verses for a number of years and several releases and I have just caught onto their seductive music not long ago. C’est la vie and time marches on…

You can easily gather that this husband and wife duo, Eden Boucher &  David Turley, have known each other forever. If you didn’t know they were romantically involved, you’d dream they were like some sort of thrilling and salacious Nora Ephron novel or film.
Since I am a new convert to all things Lovers Electric and have only had the blissful experience of listening to their amazing new EP Waiting For Something to Happen and the brilliant Impossible Dreams (2011). I reached out to the man who worked with LE on their first, self-titled album, the great Fuzz Townshend for his thoughts.

“I really loved working with Lovers Electric and I hope one day perhaps maybe they’ll let me do so again. David is a magnificent songwriter a great guitarist and bass player and a really good guy. Eden has an amazing voice such a brilliant look and both her and David are great song writing partners and fantastic people to play with.(Eden also makes fantastic magnificent clothes and I wish she’d make a suit for me.) I still love all of the tracks that I made with the Lovers Electric and perhaps who knows one day I’ll get to do more….I have a lot of old master tracks from when they recorded with me at my studio so perhaps I will make a remix or two.” – Fuzz Townshend

Endorsements do not come any better than that. Now I am finding that I have missed so much not following Lovers Electric from the start of their career(s). What can I do? I am a fan now and plan on staying up with all things LE from this point on. 

I need to know more, so I contacted Lovers Electric and here is my brief conversation with Eden…

First, congratulations on the new EP. Fantastic.
Thanks! We are really happy with how it turned out.

Who is Lovers Electric?
Eden Boucher & David Turley, we are both from Adelaide, Australia.

How did the two of you get together?
Summer holidays… you can’t beat them….

Being partners, what is the working vs. living dynamics of Lovers Electric? (Is the music always a part your daily life?)
Well, we very rarely get the balance right, but we really enjoy music & we enjoy having children and travelling, and it all seems to work most of the time!

You two have had some stellar releases, (I feel like a bit silly for not following you until recently). Why put out an EP now?
We are half way through finishing the album, and we thought we’d give a little something as we go for people out there, especially in the U.K as its been awhile… But we are in the process of finishing the album. A trip to the Italian countryside (where our producer has a studio) is due very soon, so it won’t be long til the rest of the songs are done!

You’ve recorded in some awesome places. Is there something about the rooms and structures you record in that finds its way into your music?
Absolutely, it’s all about the vibe in the studio, it’s feeling good it really makes the difference for us and the music.

What does the near future hold for LE?
Keep an eye out for more videos on our YouTube page, 5th one out very soon for this EP ( one for every track…) & then of course the album is on its way hopefully not too far away…

What is something the world needs to know about Lovers Electric that they may not know now?
We always have a Rod Stewart Greatest Hits LP in our studio for good luck…

I completely understand that! Thanks you for your time…

Lovers Electric: Facebook. Website. Twitter.

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