10. August 2014 By Walter Price 0

Lovers Electric: Hollywood Dream

Lovers Electric

Lovers Electric

By Walter Price

The somewhat nomadic alt pop troubadours Lovers Electric are back with a new track and they come out slinging beautifully painful truths just as they have all along.

“So the trembling starts. they say love will never lost and the ripples go through us all as we wait for the sky to fall.”

“Another night too late. Too tired to stay awake and the distance only grows… as we sleep with our eyes half closed.”

Two attractive people in a stark white room stripped down to all white undergarments sets the cinematic tone for Lovers Electric’s new single/video, Hollywood Dream. A stunningl bare reminder that life/love isn’t always the way the fabled silver screen has promised. The frailties of a relationship recounted via an exercise in lyrical tit for tat, the always enchanting real life couple Eden Boucher & David Turley have done it again. Creating a plotline that leaves enough mystery for the listener to conjure up what he/she wishes and that is what songs are for, mostly.

“You say you were just lost and you’ve already paid the cost. But some debts will never be repaid you’ll be lonely til the end of the days.”

“How could you be so dumb. To undo all that we have done. Did you think you think I would not see that you are sleeping with the enemy”

I could carefully assume that Hollywood Dream will be on Lovers Electric’s forthcoming album. An album I don’t know the name of or the release date at time of publishing. An album that will have a task trying to outdo the duo’s 2011 Impossible Dream and last year’s Waiting For Something To Happen. But Lovers Electric have a history of making progression look easy, so I have no worries.

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