Love Song For The Revolution
26. June 2021 By Walter Price 0

…anarchist turtle dove, A.A. TRIGGS – A Love Song For The Revolution

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Love Song For The Revolution

by Walter Price

I don’t agree with all the political views or foreseen calls to action within the new gloom pop masterstroke single “A Love Song For The Revolution” by songwriter A.A. Triggs. But I get the sentiments, as this past year was a disaster, to say the least. But placing the pandemic aside for a second, the fact that police brutality, the greed of the financial system, racial tensions, and immigration dilemma have all been at a low boil for a very long time, and then it all inevitably erupted all at once. And it’s a chaotic mental and physical catastrophe for a lot of conscience people.

On the day we burn down the banks
Maybe I’ll find my love
passing out gas masks to the people
My anarchist turtle dove
And this one’s for every cop
who put someone in a cage
For greed you conspire that started a fire
And now well cook ham on the blaze

In my opinion, burning banks down, blaming all cops and border agents for the woes of society isn’t a great way to solve the world’s problems. But this song does hit squarely in the moral zeitgeist that we’re all trying to navigate these days. And, yes, so much urgent change needs to happen and songs like this are unforgettable remembers.

The twisty ‘fun‘ of this single is the possible romance amidst all the turmoil. Told in a classic 50s/early 60s teen tragedy story song vibe, a style that has nearly been lost to time. Dark and deadly pop songs by the likes of Everly Brothers, Shangri-Las, Dickey Lee, and such. And while these eras old kinda songs lamented love, death, and coping, Triggs aims directly at the current dystopian mindset plaguing the world. And it’s pretty awesome, in a twisted way…of course.

And you can stream “A Love Song For The Revolution” as well as the jaunty warning, “All You Fascists Bound to Lose”, now at the GTC.


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Love Song For The Revolution

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This is just an optimistic song about tearing down chains and uniting as a people and maybe falling in love along the way,” – Triggs

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