Los Angeles November 2019 EP
12. December 2019 By Walter Price 0

Take a ride w/ MING & PING – Los Angeles November 2019 EP

Ming & Ping – Los Angeles November 2019 EP is avail @ Apple Music.

Los Angeles November 2019

by Walter Price

Whether you’re into the complexities of Chris & Cosey, the lyrical depths of Camouflage and/or the pop sensibilities of Pet Shop Boys, the dynamic sibling duo Ming & Ping’s recent three-track, Los Angeles November 2019, EP is a download must.

There is absolutely no time distinction between the heyday of New Wave and this release. Timeless, dramatic and dance-ready, each of the three Blade Runner inspired tracks will move you like 1982 once had. From the theatrics of “Heaven’s Light”, the ultra-catchy “Ride or Die”, and the synth-pop perfection of track three, “The End”…make this an irrefutable modern classic.


+ mingping.com [2004]

Producer Bao Vo

Band photo by Coy Koehler

Los Angeles November 2019 EP

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