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28. May 2021 By Walter Price 0

…We always wanted, SINGLE/VIDEO: LIP TALK – More

Lip Talk – More is available at Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music.

Lip Talk

by Walter Price

At first listen, you may not catch the weight behind the dreamy psych-pop bounce that is Lip Talk’s recent single, “More”. Frankly put, the songwriter, Sarah K. Pedinotti, says that the song’s truth is, “It’s about life under consumer capitalism.” Yeah, so much screen time, so many ads to skip or not, streamers being funded by huge conglomerates, news as entertainment…its so mind gnawing. But, we the people, are partly to blame. We see we like, we obsess and we want, More.

There’s more to this track than just the statement of lusty consumerism. Firstly, this track has even more ruminating origins, as Pedinotti is quoted in a YouTube post, “This song was the result of a writing experiment that I call “These Are Photographs” in which I write songs while meditating on a single image. A photograph submitted by my friend and former bandmate, Ian Chang was the inspiration behind this one. This exercise is ongoing and people can submit via DM on instagram @liptalkliptalk.”

Secondly, the accompanying DIY family-affair film. A trippy experience full of mystical figures, an earthy backdrop, and enough whimsy to make you want to sway with the forest breeze. Again, the songwriter has posted, “Using bright colors to contrast the black-and-white photo by Ian Chang, we created a dream world of cosmological camp that gestures towards a world beyond capitalism.

“A devil and an angel cut my hair. It’s a marriage of heaven and hell, a fusion of opposites that causes new cosmic energies to explode an inch above my head. This act shears away a tangle of stale memories and severs the curly loops in which I have been stuck.”

Both the single and its music video are a brilliant balance of social commentary, self-reflection, and heartfelt winks to perseverance. A serious song that doesn’t overtly take itself too seriously. And therewithin is its magic. And you can now stream “More” and see the backyard shot video, directed by Sarah K. Pedinotti herself, now at the GTC.


Artist photo via Facebook

Beat production by Ian Chang
Mixed by fun secret + SKP
Mastered by Jonathan Jetter at Right Angle Productions
SKP – vocals, synths, bass
Chris Kyle – guitars
Ian Chang – drums

Cinematography by Amanda Picotte
Color correction by Mena Smith / company3
Cast: Sophie Desmond, Kaitlyn Pedrotti, Chris Kyle, Ryan Nash
Director + editing by Sarah k. Pedinotti
Produced, written + recorded by Sarah k. Pedinotti

Lip Talk Sarah K. Pedinotti

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“LIP TALK is an experimental pop producer, multi-instrumentalist, and singer-songwriter based in Brooklyn. She’s a frequent collaborator in Kalbells, The Secret Machines + Okkervil River.” – fb bio

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