7. August 2014 By Walter Price 0

I Like Country Music

Sarah Gayle Meech

By Walter Price

Country music’ is such a loose term these days, you know, since the genre has all but disappeared in the last 50 years and what you hear on US pop-country-mega-bro-corporation programmed stations is but a shadow of the deep rooted folk leaning sounds of times past. But that’s cool, for some people.Since I am not one of those who drink the Kool Aid, I’m always keeping my ears open for any sign of life, any sign that there is hope, that there will be a revolution of sorts and program directors will wise up and stop the madness.I’ve been down this dirt road before and this subject continues to make me crazy as a loon.

Anyhoo, I thought I’d offer up some honest, gritty, beautiful and killer alternatives to whatever it is ‘they’ want us to think is ‘country music’. Further proof that there is light at the end of Nashville’s tunnel…

Sarah Gayle Meech  (Nashville) Facebook. Website.


Chris Stapleton (Nashville) Facebook. Website.


Lydia Loveless (Columbus, Ohio) Facebook. Website

Cole Washburn (Nashville) Facebook. Website

I think I feel better now…