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Les Claypool’s Duo De Twang

‘Four Foot Shack’

By Walter Price

Les Claypool has fronted/played in some the most interesting, funky, strange, successful and maybe weird musical acts known to the modern world. Primus, Holy Mackerel, Sausage, Oysterhead, The Frog Brigade and now he brings us Duo De Twang with long time collaborator Bryan Kehoe.
Duo De Twang has finally unleashed their much ballyhooed debut Four Foot Shack. Bass and guitar rearrangements and interpretations of some well-known gems from Claypool’s past catalog, from other artists and some fresh offerings sprinkled about for great measure. The album is a true to the art of funked-up bluegrass good-times.

(Prepare your perfectly tuned hand-clapping and foot tapping) 
Les & Bryan let their love for a variety of artist from wide ranging genres get their proper remakes on the album. From the Bee Gees, Stompin’ Tom Collins, The Chantays, Alice In Chains and Johnny Horton you’ll find a bit of music history re-imagined by the master of tongue-in-cheek blended with musical genius that few can compare. 
I should mention how the production of this album reminds me of a finely recorded home jam session, which really makes the entire effort comforting and warms the ole musical soul.
Take this album for a spin on the open highway or gather some friends and try to figure out why Claypool didn’t do this earlier. Then check your coin bags and splurge on some concert tickets to see and hear this new must have party within an album live!
  • Jun 6 – Sacramento, CA 
  • Jun 7 – San Francisco, CA              
  • Jun 12 – Solana Beach, CA            
  • Jun 13 – Tucson, AZ         
  • Jun 14 – Flagstaff, AZ      
  • June 15 – Snowmass, CO              
  • July 2 – London, UK         
  • July 3 – Nijmegen, NL   
  • July 4 –  Roskilde, DK      
  • July 5 –  Amsterdam, NL               
  • Aug 20 – Louisville, KY
  • Aug 22 – Nashville, TN   
  • Aug 23 – Columbus, OH 
  • Aug 24 – Grand Rapids, MI           
  • Aug 26 -Wilmington, DE
  • Aug 27 – Providence, RI
  • Aug 28 – Portland, ME   
  • Aug 29 – Burlington, VT 
  • Aug 30 – Turin, NY
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