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24. March 2016 By Walter Price 0


last drop band spainHow the mass culture numbs our brains and closes our eyes to reality.
by Walter Price   My Spanish isn’t what it should be but you need not fully understand the language to feel the weight of Last Drop’s social commentaries.The last EP, Their Own Blood, is dripping with poignant verses expressing the band’s voice on topics reality, government conspiracies, self worth and overall truth in the world and as individuals. The band is readying a new album but before that they have delivered a new video for” DESPIERTA (Awake)” from their before mentioned EP. The darkly beautiful Sergio Castañeira directed clip is astonishing if not on the verge of being visually disturbing but I understand this is the point. The video’s mind blowing and soul rattling aesthetics are the director’s tools to further the song’s  one two punch. Last Drop’s Edin MalaMadre told me this about the track and new video, ” It has been made (the video) by a friend of us, Sergio Castañeira, a great photographer an artist. It is related with the lyrics of the song. About how the mass culture numbs our brains and closes our eyes to reality. It is related to the invention of television as well, and how this changed the world forever. For bad, we think. Everything is for the entertainment of the Western world, even war, as we see on the video. Everything is “superfiliazed” and frivolous. Even music is not deep anymore.” Check out the video and take caution…   Last Drop Band: Facebook / Bandcamp / Soundcloud