Lady Lark
14. May 2019 By Walter Price 0

“After we squish…” SINGLE: LADY LARK (feat. Har Mar Superstar) -“Rendezvous “

Lady Lark – ‘Permission’ is available @ Bandcamp.

Lady Lark

by Walter Price


It isn’t very often an album hits the streets that can cause such immediate adulation.  Minneapolis’ Lady Lark’s ‘Permission’ is such a release. A sexy time machine of 1974-1986 styled R&B, disco, funk, and jazz in a 7-track beauty. And it could have been easy to jumble these hallowed sounds into a hipster version of what once was, but with production/songwriting duo Hair&Makeup on the knobs, the results are jaw-dropping jams to fill your slinky loungy nights.

Lyrically like no other album this year, on “Shopping Bags”, you get to hear Lark explain, “Shopping bags and expensive tags that’s all you think I need /I don’t know who you loved before but baby that ain’t me”, which is straight up empowerment. And on one of the seven standout tracks, “Rendezvous,”  the groovy ode to late night DM sliding, Har Mar Superstar brings the smiles when he pleads, “No sleeping over, no getting closer /After we squish, you can go your own way”. See, you’re beaming…

When you’re looking for some funky-glam and soul to soundtrack your Rendezvous, put  ‘Permission’ on the HiFi and let Lark’s powers groove you.



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Produced by Hair&Makeup
Written by Hair&Makeup, S. Tillmann, T. Harris
Mixed by Dylan Nau
Mastered by Huntley Miller
Recorded at Essential Session Studio, MN 2018
Rinse&Repeat Records

Additional Credits:
Keys & Synth by Dylan Nau


Lady Lark


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