Kohli Calhoun
3. January 2017 By Walter Price 0

Kohli Calhoun Take Me Away

Kohli Calhoun new single Take Me Away.

Kohli Calhoun

by Walter Price


Being swept away isn’t something I feel all that often, and if I include being enthralled in an artist’s backstory simultaneously, the occasions are even more scarce. Brooklyn-based songstress Kohli Calhoun new single “Take Me Away” has had me in territories mesmerized and beautifully perplexed with a single question, “Why was this voice silenced for so long?”

Calhoun’s press release sets the stage for a cinematic-like return from the silence, “Following an unfavorable parting of ways with the producer of her never-released debut in 2008, the singer/songwriter made her retreat from music and unwittingly initiated a personal dark age. It was not until a Brooklyn songwriting community helped her reconnect with her artistic self that Calhoun recognized the error of her ways, and in 2014 she began writing again in a bid to make amends. “Take Me Away” is Kohli’s poetic rise from the ashes.”

The in-between story from hiatus to this release is intriguing, but that narrative will have to linger for now. And articulating the emotional honesty of “Take Me Away” is a daunting task. But, as I have, the listener will find a journey come to fruition in a wispy and broad voice carrying cautiousness on a stream of crisp air. All the while feeling like it could break at any moment, like waves on a rocky seashore. Simply beautiful and absolutely real.

To be continued…

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