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21. July 2015 By Walter Price 0

Kamchatka Long Road Made Of Gold

Kamchatka bandThere is a definite 70’s flavour to the band’s guitar-powered hard rock, but that is just a part of the attraction here…

by Maria Haskins


Long Road Made of Gold is the latest release from Swedish rockers Kamchatka, and if you have the least bit of interest in heavy, blues-infused, classic hard rock, then you should check out this album ASAP. Kamchatka has crafted some seriously addictive tracks here, stringing together ten varied tunes with a loose, almost rambling vibe that makes Long Road Made of Gold a joy to listen to from start to finish.

There is a definite 70’s flavour to the band’s guitar-powered hard rock, but that is just a part of the attraction here: the blues, and even soul, are a big part of the sound too.

First track “Take Me Back Home” puts a twist in the proceedings right away with some roots-rocking banjo picking. It soon shifts into a fabulous, riffy hard rocker with lyrics that make it feel like an epic rock’n’roll Odyssey – a man traveling across the sea, longing for home: “star filled sky, guide me with your light / mighty wind, carry me home“.

Another standout is the ridiculously catchy “Get Your Game On”, a true 5-star track with a deep and satisfying blues Kamchatkagroove, and riffs that will hook you and rock you to your core. “Human Dynamo” stands out as well: it’s a fun-loving, hard rocking power pack, with an almost dancey, hip-shaking rhythm and sweet keyboards.

One of my personal favourites on Long Road Made of Gold is “Rain”, a slower tune with soulful vocals and a steady heartbeat of drums. This track has a brilliant bluesy pull, and – dear rock’n’roll gods above and below – I just love how the guitar and bass just go off here into their very own musical heaven.

“Slowly Drifting Away” is a keeper too:  heavy as heavy can get, sporting a fuzzed up tone, and riffs heavy enough to sink you to the bottom of the ocean. It is another brilliant track, with the lyrics and vocals all pain and power, and a streak of trippy, heady psychedelia too. The following track “Long Road” is also absolutely stellar, starting off with a folksy twang, the guitar and vocals harmonizing, underpinned by that steady-heavy weight of bass and drums. This tune has its own unique thing going on: like a folk tale and a folk tune, but with an electric heart.

Kamchatka is a recent musical acquaintance for me, but every track I hear from this band just re-confirms and strengthens my love for their music. Blues grooves, heavy riffs, a hard rocking fire and force, and some true originality: it doesn’t get much better than that.


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  • Thomas “Juneor” Andersson – guitar & vocals
  • Tobias Strandvik – drums
  • Per Wiberg – bass & vocals


  1. Take Me Back Home
  2. Get Your Game On
  3. Made Of Gold
  4. Human Dynamo
  5. Rain
  6. Who’s To Blame
  7. Mirror
  8. Slowly Drifting Away
  9. Long Road
  10. To You

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